HDG-C drip eye lipquid filling and roating-cap machine
 HDG-B Eyewash Filling Machine
 HDG-A drip eye liquid filling and rotating-cap machine
 DSX2 Eyewash Filling, Corking and Capping Machine
 KLS-A Glycerine Enema Filling and Capping Linkage Line
 HGF rotary liquid oral drug filling -sealing machine
 HLG antibiotic vial screw-filling machine
 Type DGF-A full automatic filling -sealing machine
 HGGF automatic ointment filling & sealing machine
 KLGF straight filling-capping machine
 TBL-A non-drying sticker labeling machine
 TBL-B non-drying sticker labeling machine
 TBL Series Vertical Non-drying Labeling Machine
 KLQX Series Cylindrical Bottle Washer
 HXP type ampoule rotary washer
 KDJ Series Light Verification Machine
 KLPY Round Bottle Unscrambler
 KLG ampoule filling-sealing machine
 GMS tunnel furnace
 GDD-Ⅲ Computerized Filling Machine
  The Kailong corporaton has always devoted itself to the study and development of machine industry.
  The Kailong corporaton is one of the fastest-developing private corporations nongovernmental business among the Chinese food,medicine and machine industry ,with its annual increasing rate reaching 300%.
  The Kailong corporaton has developed into a corporation which has the most and best liquid-holding containes among the Chinese food,medicine and machine industry.
  The Kailong corporaton is the first corporation which has created a set of machine-filling medicine equipments and used"the unmanned operating system"in China.
  The Kailong corporaton has obtained many national patents in these consecutive years,and the The Kailong corporaton also declares national high thch corporation and high tech products.
  Many techniques and products of The Kailong corporaton have fillde up many blanks in China,and they are first in China.
  The Kailong corporaton has allied with many other corporations home and abroad,trying to be the real The Kailong of this industry.
  Technique Part:Innovation is the motive of development.

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